Last month I wrapped up my last wedding for 2022, and I am still struggling to find the words that describe what I’m feeling. This whole wedding season has left me speechless in the best possible way, overwhelmed by gratitude for the people I got to meet and all the Love that surrounds me. So without further due let me introduce you to Britta and Björn, and their incredible wedding in Mallorca.

I always talk about the atmosphere at a wedding, because it is the one thing that everyone can feel and that determines the energy of the day. The atmosphere surrounding Britta and Björn was easy, it was soft and jet loud, so overwhelming but not overbearing, it was charismatic and cheerful, full of expectations but still so relaxed, all-consumed by their essence of love.

During the getting ready of the Bride, Britta enchanted me with her polarizing personality. On this particular day, she seemed to be glowing, radiating this indescribable energy to the people around her. We all have heard of people that step into a room and you have no other choice but to stop in your tracks and stare. That is exactly what Britta is like, simply mesmerizing and gracefully enjoying every moment of her big day.

The Ceremony was an intimate celebration with lots of thought being put into all the details. Like the fact that Björn always wanted to marry with his feed dug into the sand, their incredible wedding planners gathered some sand and formed a little pile for the couple to stand in, while they were reading their vows to each other. Everyone was so attentive, consciously taking in every little moment, not wanting to miss even the smallest thing.

Back at the Location the beautiful cake was cut and devoured by everyone. The guests also took this as their opportunity to congratulate Britta and Björn.

We followed this moment up by taking some group pictures that truly represented the newlyweds. Loud, colorful, fun, and including everyone in their moments of joy, creating memories that last a lifetime.

On their way to Dinner, they were anticipated by the guests, that were waggling their napkins excitedly. This moment was straight out of a Movie. Britta and Björn savored every moment, kissing and dancing to their entrance song, until the last tune faded into the evening, cheered on by their friends and families.

The happy couple and I sneaked out Dinner between the two courses, to take some pictures and even if we had a time limit Britta and Björn took all the time they wanted. We explored all the beautiful spots of the location, each holding a new opportunity to capture their love for one another. They Consciously took to the time to take each other in. Consciously admired each other and consciously fell deeper in love before my very lense.

Because it was a late Oktober wedding the sun didn’t rise very high. Which led all pictures to be stained by the warm and cozy light of the low-setting sun. It was filling not only the photographs but also the people with dreamy magic.

Back at dinner, there were speeches held by a few guests that led the crowd to erupt in loud laughter and applause, elevating the mood to an all-time high.

Soon the celebrations were moved to the dancefloor, where everybody let loose and just went with the flow, carried away by pure enthusiasm and electricity. Enjoying every second of the remaining night.

If there is anything you should take away after reading about this amazing couple, it’s to radiate joy, love freely, and to take every moment in consciously.

A huge praise to everyone that made this experience possible and an even bigger thank you to Britta and Björn for trusting me to capture your special day!

My heart is filled with love as I look back at this amazing Wedding season. Thank you to each and every one!

The amazing team around Britta and Bjorn:

Couple: Britta & Björn
Weddingplaner: Lovebirdsmallorca
Photography: Lichttrunken/ Claudia Klassen
Singer: Nomirais
Hair and Makeup: Ala Perfect Makeup
Ceremony: Hochzeitsredner.mallorca/ Eike Rappmund
Flowers: Littlesister.es / DeBlanc your inspiration
DJ: Gergoemarton
Catering: Catering tot a punt
Decoration: Rent by tot a punt
Saxophon: Alterego live sax
Cake: Sofias Cake Studio
Dress: Lieben.Achten.Ehren