I got to witness and accompany a lot of breathtaking Weddings trough out my years as a wedding photographer, so it really means something when I say that this one is for the books!

Larissa and Nicolai left most of the organisation up to the Wedding planners, without giving any special instructions. They only requested a few things, that the vibe be fresh, colorful, wild, vibrant, and checky. A perfect representation of themself and their love for each other. This Wedding was in many ways a highlight of the season and Larissa, a phenomenal dancer, made sure that the theme of the Celebration was lived to the absolute fullest: Come for the Love and stay for the Party.

The day started with Larissas getting ready, accompanied by her closest friends and her mother. As soon as I entered the room I was surrounded by pure bliss and infectious excitement that bubbled out of every single one. There where no trace of nervousness, instead I was met with lots of laughter and vibrating Energy that seemed to grow by the second. Larissa and her girls broke out in fun little dances whenever they felt like it, celebrating every little moment.

Nicolai got ready with his friends, walking up to the altar together and enjoying a cheeky shot before the ceremony began. The mood was so light and cheerful, I could tell that everyone had longingly awaited this moment.

The Ceremony began with the Bridesmaids walking down the aisle in their colorful dresses, followed by Larissa who looked simply stunning. A sight that left her soon-to-be husband in tears. Larissa and Nicolai exchanged their emotional vows in front of a lushes flower backdrop, in the midst of Mallorca’s Mountains making more than just themselves cry happy tears. It was so honest and meant by every fiber of their being, there was no way that you didn’t feel the Love that radiated from them. They walked down the aisle as husband and wife, loudly cheered on by everyone attending.

The Newlyweds and I snuck out for a bit, for some pictures of just them two and the passion that I got to witness was straight out of a romance novel. Nicolai could barely keep his hands to himself let alone his eyes. The tension between these two was almost tangible and growing by the second.

Back a the Location everyone was ready to celebrate, which is exactly what happened. Food was served, drinks were devoured, love was spread and the dancefloor was conquered. The crowd sang along and moved to the beat, riding the wave of young and vibrating energy.

The guest sat down at the dinner table first waiting for Larissa and Nicolai, who entered in the only right way: Loud, big, and full of joy.
Dancing their way to their seats, accompanied by loud cheering and clapping. Between meals, friends and family held some touching speeches that caused lots of laughter and tears. It is rare to meet a group of people who all wear their hearts on their sleeves and openly confess their love to you and acknowledge the incredible bond that connected everyone to each other. The Dinner ended with Larissa and Nicolai leaving the table for a quick outfit change, teasing the start of the Party.

The Newlweeds emerged dressed appropriately for what was about to come. Instead of starting with a traditional first dance Larissa and Nicolai decided to opt for a Champagne tower, which they filled up to the Song “Shots” by LMFAO setting the tone for the night. I am not exaggerating when I say that the floor was shaking from the impact of everyone dancing their soul out, fully living in the moment. Fitting to the boiling Energy the happy couple later performed an impressive dance, that was far from anything that I had seen up until then. But the choreographies didn’t stop there, Larissa and her dance group snuck out for a quick outfit change and came back to perform a tension-filled dance for the groom, treating him to a truly unforgettable experience. Up next was a surprise dance for Larissa, where not only her dance group showed up but other people also joined in, the pictures speak for them self showing just how meaningful this was for her. The party lasted late into the night, spend dancing and celebrating, creating a steamy and passionate energy that infected everyone to move to the beat, including myself.

The Afterweddingshooting

I met Larissa and Nicolai the day after their wedding for a stunning sunset photoshooting at a small beach. Both were dressed in their wedding attire, not waisting a second thought on what would happen if they got wet or dirty. On the contrary, they encouraged just that. They wanted the pictures to feel free, passionate, and real. So that is exactly what we created. First, we went up the cliffs for some stunning pictures of them in front of Mallorca’s beautiful landscape. Next, we moved to the beach where they got into the water, cherishing every moment. After an outfit change, we continued to capture breathtaking moments that represent exactly how the moment felt: fresh, honest, spicey, passionate, and youthful.

Thank you, Larissa and Nicolai for trusting me to capture your happy day and showing me what a real party looks like. I will forever cherish these amazing memories.

EDIT: Larissas und Nicos amazing wedding got featured at Frieda Theres. Thank you so much! 

The amazing Team around Larissa and Nicolai:

Bride and groom: Larissa and Nicolai
Weddingplaner: Lovebirdsmallorca
Photography: Lichttrunken/ Claudia Klassen
Video: Destination Wedding Films
Venue: Ses Voltes
Dress: Brautatelier_herzlichkeit
Hair and Make up: Ala perfect makeup
Ceremony: Toni the wedding celebrant
Catering: Catering marcfosh
Music: Scarelett flair official
DJ: Djrobinh0
Flowers: Deblanc your inspiration and Little sister
Welcome sign: Emsigns