In my years as a wedding photographer, I have met countless couples, each unique and special in their way. Some require almost daily communication and others you barely speak to. Julia and Alessandro belonged to the second group. There was no big briefing where we discussed the plan for the wedding or anything of that kind, but then again there was just no need to. Whenever we did speak, I felt this connection between us, they trusted me blindly and they didn’t have to tell me what they had envisioned, because I somehow already knew. Writing about Julia and Alessandro means, writing about the way they welcomed me into their world, the trust and care they showered me with, and riding on their wave of love alongside them.

During this wedding I didn’t just capture the moments, I was part of it. But I will let the pictures speak for themselves, here is Julia and Alessandro’s beautiful Mallorca wedding.

The atmosphere during the getting ready was just so wonderfully open and free. Both Julia and Alessandro kept on checking in on each other, and every time the room was filled with another load of love. You could feel the connection that these two souls shared through walls.
And because of that calmness and warmth were a permanent companion during the getting ready.

Sometimes pictures capture moments better than you could ever express with words. This ceremony proves just that. Of course, I could write that we laughed and cried with joy, but that would never describe accurately how it felt. How our laughter seemed to flow in the wind and our energy created this circle of comfort, inviting all the love in the world to join us. That’s why I want you, to see it for yourself.

The Newlyweds and I stole away for a few minutes to capture some endearing moments of them alone in Mallorca’s stunning nature. After the ceremony, the emotions were obviously still very fresh and they both seemed to be overflowing with joy and love for one another, grateful for the few moments alone with each other as Husband and wife.

As soon as Julia and Alessandro returned to the reception they were pulled into hugs left and right. They were congratulated and celebrated to the fullest, with people that they shared such deep and genuine connections with. Apart from family members and childhood friends, there was also a group that the newlyweds connected to in a completely different way. Having lived together in Bali during the covid lockdown earned them righteously the name “Balisurviver”. Relationships that formed under such special conditions formed such a deep and unique bond between them, which was beautiful to witness.

Dinner was held in the breathtaking courtyard of the location with a stunning table setting and lights that illuminated the place from up above. After the delicious food was devoured, some thoughtful and touching speeches were held that caused laughter and tears. As a surprise for the guest the Newlyweds played their own music video, of Alessandro singing a song, that they had written together. A fitting transition onto the dancefloor.

After Julia’s quick dress swap, the first dance began. A stunning choreography where Julia and Alessandro were solely focused on each other, soaking in every second. Egarly the guests began joining the dancefloor, celebrating late into the following day, happily dancing the night away under shining stars and sparkling lights.

Dear Julia, dear Alessandro, thank you for everything. For being given so much trust and for being part of your big day.

The amazing Team around Julia and Alessandro:

Bride: Juliafrosali
Weddingplaner: Lovebirdsmallorca
Photo: Lichttrunken/ Claudia Klassen
Location: Son_mesquida_nou
Hair and Makeup: Make-up_by_verena
Celebrant: Tonitheweddingcelebrant
Catering: Totapunteventscatering
Music: Lomusic.es
Flowers: Deblancyourinspiration