The cinematic dance of Love – Caitlin and Woody’s magical Wedding in Tulum

Well if you read my last blogpost you might remember me saying that I had wrapped up my last wedding for this year. Oh boy was I in for a surprise because as it often is in life, the universe had a card up its sleeve for me. During my vacation in Mexico, I was chatting with my friend Conie who is a wedding photographer in Tulum, I mentioned how much I loved photographing weddings in Mexico and just like that, I was invited to accompany her to a wedding!

So without any further ado, I would like to present to you the breathtaking wedding of Caitlin and Woody.

I was incredibly touched by the getting ready of Caitlin because Conie and I didn’t document the process of her getting ready in the usual sense. Instead, we were called in when Caitlin was already styled and wearing her late mothers wedding dress, which was such a thoughtful way to feel near to her on the big day. She looked absolutely stunning and embraced every moment before slipping into her own weddingdress.

Woody got ready with his closes friend and family members, it was such a loving and Intimate atmosphere to witness. They took the time to laugh, talk and let everything sink in!

As the guests arrived and were guided to the ceremony, Caitlin and Woody took the time for their first look. The pictures speak for themselves here. Pure bliss and love surrounded them and you could almost see the anticipation falling from their shoulders, as they embraced each other deeply.

Woody walked down the aisle with his mother on his arm, followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and, the air grew thick with excitement and awe as everyone rose to their feet when Caitlin had her big entry.

The ceremony was held by Woody’s father, a pastor back in Texas who started his speech by paying tribute to Caitlin’s late mother, who still had a seat in the front row. Everyone just got more emotional after hearing the vows of the happy couple, which were read with so much unconditional love.

As soon as Woody and Caitlin sealed the deal with a cinematic kiss the gates of the sky opened up and rain started to pour down. The guests bursted out into cheers and big smiles because the rain only added to this Hollywood-like moment.

The reception was held under a tent, to protect the guests from the rain, here fancy cocktails and delicious snacks were served. You could tell that the vibe of Tulum started to rub off on everyone, there was such an all-surrounding ease. And the group pictures show just that, so much laughter and joy radiating everywhere. Time just flew by so quickly since everyone was having a great time.

Before dinner, we sneaked away with the newlyweds for a few pictures, and here Woody’s playful and cheeky side took over, he couldn’t stop dancing and admiring his wife, you could tell that he was simply living his best life.

After a last-minute change of plans, everyone headed to the dancefloor instead of the dinner tables, because the first dance was about to happen. Woody and Caitlin truly gave it their all, dancing and swirling in circles, so consumed by each other that everything else just faded into the background.

I would like to add, that the staff and the wedding planners had dismantled all the decorations and cutlery, to save them from getting wet from the rain. But as soon as the rain had stopped they worked exceptionally fast to build everything back up, to its former glory and this all happened without the guest noticing.

After Caitlin’s quick dress swap into a fabulous short green dress, everyone gathered for dinner. They served typical Mexican food and opened the cocktail bar, where exquisite drinks were served. During dinner, there were speeches held by a handful of friends and family members, that had everyone laughing and crying.

The energy was already beaming but only grew bigger when the incredible performance of firebreathers lead the guests to the afterparty. Everyone let loose and just began to conquer the dancefloor. There wasn’t a single person that didn’t dance their soul out and let the fun lead them fully. There were twirls and turns, flips and jumps, shots and snacks, fun and joy but most importantly there was love. All present. All consuming. All Love.

A huge thank you again to Conie for making this experience happen and to Caitlin and Woody for welcoming me with open arms. I’m so very grateful for everything!

The amazing team around Caitlin and Woddy:

Couple: Caitlin & Woody
Wedding planner: Arlenis Ruiz Soulful Events
Photography: Lichttrunken/ Claudia Klassen & Conie Weddings (main photographer)
Location: Tulum Jungle Hideaway
Hair and Makeup: Cancun Wedding Makeup
Flowers: Liz Alarcon 
Music: Vosters
Video: Jesica Wedding Videography