Art. Such a small word that holds such incredible value. Some people live for art, they see it in every small detail, in every passing moment, and in everything they do. Jennifer and Milo are exactly that. They are the epitome of art, the way they carry themselves, the way they dress, and the energy that they radiate emphasizes their artistic consciousness.

To Jennifer and Milo, who created pure magic in the midst of chaotic Berlin

During Milos getting ready in the Chateau Royal, there was no trace of the usual hurry and stress. Instead, you could feel genuine excitement and support for the groom, as soon as you entered the room. The groomsmen took it upon themselves to create a loving and uplifting environment, by holding a heartfelt speech and just being there for him. Witnessing the friendship between these men was touching, to say the least.

Jen got ready in a friend’s loft, which had a stunning view of Berlin. Everyone in that room was beaming with excitement, but simultaneously radiating such a calm energy. Wich created an environment of pure bliss and joy. You could just tell that everyone was soaking in every detail of this unforgettable moment.

The ceremony and celebration were held at Clärchens Ballhaus, which offered such a unique Charm, something I had never experienced up until that point.

Due to the international guests, the ceremony was held in English, by one of Milos’s best men. The Speech was filled with charming memories, funny stories, and emotional moments. Everyone listened so attentively and you could feel the Love that seemed to be surrounding everyone. The whole ceremony was accompanied by two musicians, which made everything even more magical.

After the ceremony, everyone made their way inside, where the reception was held. This Location was immaculately decorated, with so much love for even the smallest detail.

Jen had a quick dress swap and then we began with the group pictures. The setup was created to resemble a vintage family portrait, which was an artistic vision of the newlyweds.

Instead of the traditional photo shoot with the Bride and Groom, we opted for more candid pictures, which capture the pure emotions of them just living in the moment.

Before Dinner, Jennifer and Milo withdrew for a while, to make a grand entrance and present the new dress. They were welcomed by a cheering crowd and lots of laughter.

During dinner, a few Speeches were held by the people closest to the Newlyweds and they were all unique and jet so similar in a few aspects. They were all filled with endearing memories, funny stories, charming words, and well wishes. Tears of joy were shed and the room almost vibrated from all the laughter.

The Newlyweds opened the Dancefloor with their easy-going first dance, which they later also shared with their parents. Everyone joined in, and the night was danced away, celebrating the love of Jen and Milo.

Jen and Milo, thank you so much for choosing and trusting me, with your amazing wedding. It was a one-in-a-lifetime experience and I will cherish it forever.

EDIT: Jens and Milos amazing wedding got featured at Frieda Theres. Thank you so much!

The amazing Team around Jennifer and Milo:

Bride: Jennifer
Groom: Milo
Photo: Lichttrunke/ Claudia Klassen Second shooter: Teresa
Flowers: Blumenbett
Stationery: Papier
Cake: Cakesberlin
Catering: Berlin.cuisine
Location: Claerchens_ballhaus
Entertainment: Samiraaly
Wedding dress: Zuhairmuradmariage
Rings: Wempe
Styling: Esteemmakeover
DJ: Iamvirgula